Why you need a Broker Mentor

Quite simply, if you are new to the industry you are required to have a broker mentor for the initial 24 months. Your Broker Mentor will help to guide you through your learning and journey.

Becoming a finance broker can be rewarding as well as challenging.

A broker is responsible for making sure their customers get information about the finance products that suit their financial situation. As such there are a number of regulations and educational requirements that the broker must complete and adhere to, on an ongoing basis.

It’s not as easy as it sounds as there’s quite a bit of information to absorb in such a short time. It can be overwhelming for some and that’s where M Mentoring can help.

A good Broker Mentor will help new finance brokers through this initial process and guide them through the first 24 months of brokering.

The role of your Broker Mentor will be to make the process less confusing, less overwhelming, as well as nurture, encourage and guide you to be a great broker
and have a successful business.